About us

Pramení was founded in 1999 as an open collective of artists. In 2002, Pramení became a general benefit company (o.p.s.).

Our philosophy

Pramení is an organization dedicated to creative expression and innovation in education. Our projects support exceptional teachers, inspiring mentors and artists who awaken the human spirit and connect society.

Our Team

We have had incredible teams of co-creators throughout the years.

Our projects have often been co-led by an extremely dedicated and creative tribe of volunteers.

Our current projects are led by our team:

Jenne Magno

Co-founder and project initiator

Tereza Sosíková

Administrative Director of Pramení

Rozina Ribeiro Monteiro

Pedagogue & Community Manager

Darya Varkovich

Content & Social Media Manager
Our current projects

Inclusive education, Supporting Excluded Children & More