Polish-born ISHKA MICHOCKA, likely the world’s most renowned tango photographer, has for years travelled documenting the people and the power of the art of Argentine tango.
She now offers for the first time in Europe a two-part photographic reportage about two cities which are both, each one in its own way, breathing with the rhythm of Tango.

We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition which will take place on June 19th at 17:17 in Clam-Gallas Palace (Husova 158/20, Praha 1 – Staré město).

The exhibition is organized within the framework of 7th festival Tango Alchemie which is dedicated to music, dance and Argentine tango-related arts in Prague. It is organized under the auspices of the Councilor for Culture of the City of Prague and made possible by the kind support of the Archive of the City of Prague.

The “PRAHA” portion of the exhibition documents the stunningly beautiful interface between the City of Prague and Tango. Featured photographs include those taken at venues made possible by cooperation with the city, including Clam Gallas Palace (Archive of the City of Prague), Troja Chateau (Prague City Gallery), Novoměstská radnice, as well as other iconic spaces that have partnered with Tango Alchemie such as Goethe Institut Prag and Narodni dum na Smichove. More than 600 dancers from over 40 countries gathered last year alone, to celebrate the confluence of the beauty of Prague and tagno- this precious UNESCO culture heritage art form.

The “BUENOS AIRES” part of the exhibition documents those who are the backbone and the mainstay of the tango arts – its musicians. The musicians featured here have been a part of a powerful renaissance and expansion of the genre. They have achieved a kind of ‘rock star’ status within the rapidly increasing numbers of social dancers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia who make up the fascinatingly multi-cultural global tango community.

On her journeys between Prague and Buenos Aires, Ishka Michocka has for 7 years documented two of the best-known contemporary orchestras, Orquesta Tipica Color Tango de Roberto Alvarez and Sexteto Milonguero, on their Argentinian, European and Japanese tours. Both of these orchestras have also played in Prague’s Tango Alchemie events.