Resource portal for Ukrainian refugees in the ČR

In response to the current crisis, we launched a web portal to collate references and resources aimed at assisting incoming Ukrainian refugees navigate and/or integrate into the new environment in the Czech Republic.


The Portal UA shares the know-how of good actors across sectors, bringing together in one easily accessible place the materials and resources produced by Czech civil society actors in education and refugee assistance. There are many excellent initiatives and resources available, each of which is publicized in its own way, but we realized there was no portal bringing them together in one place and providing an overview of them. The Pro Ukrajinu portal sorts references by topic in a highly visual, easy searchable way.

Theory of change:

We believe people do better when they work together and that information is essential to Ukrainian refugees successfully accessing temporary protection and longer-term integration.

We also believe that supporting refugee families and promoting the good work of civil society actors in their refugee relief efforts is not just essential to the wellbeing of those who are escaping conflict, but is also essential to

a) supporting continued, sustained solidarity with those displaced by conflict,

b) reinforcing civil society in general.

By donating to this project, you are helping people who have fled the war in Ukraine find critical resources and useful information on how to orient and/ or integrate into a new environment at this critical moment in their lives.
Together with your support, we are contributing to bolstering Czech civil society and the robust continuation of its inclusive tendencies due to the better integration of refugees.