Navajo musician and activist Klee Benally (Blackfire) shares short films, a discussion of protection of sacred sites, and an acoustic performance including traditional songs.

An exhibition of mixed-media images and accompanying workshops to explore the journey of an inner archeology of transposition

With the theme of “The Subversive in Voice and Verse”, our first poetics festival was an extraordinary exploration into pushing the boundaries of expression.

The poetics festival Šanalan was a major literary event in Prague in 2003. The festival featured artists like Ivan Klíma, Jáchym Topol, Eva Švankmajerová and Ivan Vyskočil among others.

Photographic exhibition with the theme of tango and the elements. A look inside the dance from inside the community.

A photographic exhibition focuses on the music and dance ofrom another point of view – tango dancers pictured also by the dancers-amateur photographers.

Photography exhibition of Ishka Michocka, likely the world’s most renowned tango photographer. She has for years travelled documenting the people and the power of the art of Argentine tango.

In May 2014 tango dancers from all over Europe gathered in the city of Chemnitz to honor the birthplace of the bandoneon – without which the unique sound of Argentine tango would not exist.

A 24-hour simultaneous global tango dance action to support tree planting and reforestation around the world.

Prague’s largest event for Argentine Tango began in 2007, and has since become one of the most unique and sought after festivals in the world.