Jenne Magno

Co-founder and project initiator

Brief info

Jenne co-founded Pramení with Anna Vaničkova in 2002. She has initiated and overseen all projects since 2007, and served as administrative director from 2012 to 2022. She created and ran the literary festivals Projekt 2000 and Šanalan, as well as the decade-long highly successful dance festival Tango Alchemie. She produced and co-directed the films Sit Beside Me and Europe: Which Children Matter, and launched the education portal My na to mame and integration portal Pro Ukrajinu, among many other projects and initiatives.

Her belief that expression, exploration, collaboration and inclusion support the expansion of human potential is still at the heart of Pramení’s activities. She continues to guide projects, together with current director Tereza Sosikova, and the rest of Pramení’s small but dedicated and dynamic team.


Some of Jenne's projects