The central theme of the photographic exhibition is tango and the elements.
Works will be exhibited by tanguero/a photographers—a look inside the dance from inside the community. The works submitted to the exhibition were those the authors felt showed the fire, flow, etheric and earthly—the inner elements of the dance.

The exhibition will run from June 16- June 30 in the gallery salons of the Clam Gallas Palac, first floor (location of the White Milonga), with the vernisaz at 18:00 on June 18.

Also exhibited is a moving collection of works created by children and youth from Letni Dum, an organization that assists institutionalized children through concrete advocacy, socio-therapeutic activities and psychotherapy. These large, colorful works were created collectively by groups of children, who decided they wanted show the ‘elements inside us’.

Human emotion is in its nature elemental. The aspects of fire, water, air and earth within is what bonds us to one another and our profoundly unique yet shared human experience. In this, the elemental essence of the dance exposed through the lens of the photographer, and the spirit of the Letni Dum children and their many-hands-made paintings of the elements within, find an inspiring and surprising common expression.